Mint the coin: How can the US Treasury just create money?

Mint the coin: An image of a USA $1T USD coin
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The background: Mint the coin Law Professor Rohan Grey wrote an interesting paper describing how the US government can use an obscure provision of the US Coinage Act to circumvent the political fight about raising, or not, the US debt limit. In it, he argues that Reintroducing coinage into our fiscal discourse raises novel an […]

Mint the coin: How are not ALL US federal deficits debt?

Mint the coin: Image of US debt clock
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Mint the coin: How can we do that and not increase the debt? US government fiscal and monetary policy Starting after the US Civil War, the US federal government executive branch started getting more powerful. They got even more powerful after passing the New Deal. Fiscal policy: Adding or subtracting US dollars to/from the economy […]

Mint the coin: Why the constant debt ceiling crises?

Mint the coin: An image of a treasury bond
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Mint the coin: Who wants a good old political fight about paying for what we already bought? When Congress authorizes spending, then refuses to later increase the debt ceiling to allow that previously authorized spending to be spent, it’s like going to a restaurant, ordering and eating a mail, then refusing to pay the bill. […]